2015 Chariho High School Film Festival

Middle School Entries

The Movie of an Idiot

Written and Directed by Jackson Harrison
Some people are smart, and others…not so much.

Summer or Winter?

Written and Directed by Madison Lawing
A youngster’s imagination takes her to warmer weather, but just for a moment.

High School Entries

You Create Your Reality

Senior Natalie Drainville shares with the audience an “artful” piece of wisdom.

The InvisaCloak

A new invention by director Marissa Alfiero, grade 10. Every student at Chariho will want one!

The Sound of Music

Connor Kuba, grade 11 directs a retelling of how friendships can emerge despite barriers.

Unexpected Empathy

Marissa Alfiero Grade 10, director
Marissa entered this film in the White House Film Contest.
She wants everyone to know the importance of paying in forward.

Hold On

Robert Zenga Grade 10, director
Sophomore Robert Zenga wants anyone who has been bullied to know that they are valued and will find friends.

Shrunk Ourselves!

Prolific filmmakers, The History Nerds, under the direction of Tyler LaValley, have entered three different films this year. The first two, live out everyone’s dream of rock stardom, and the third…well you be the judge. Here are:

“Shrunk Ourselves!”, “Trade Mistakes” - Panic at the Disco, and “Comatose” - Skillet

Panic! At the Disco - Trade Mistakes

The History Nerds

Skillet - Comatose

The History Nerds

The Fear Within

Melissa Alfiero and Robert Zenga both Grade 10, directors
Some see fear as a negative emotion, but it can also be a driving force.

The Iron-Iron

Charles Klensch grade 12, director
This is a monopoly game gone wild!!!

World Language Entries

Desea sobre una estrella

Abra Clawson Grade 12, director de cine
A lonely girl finds solace in the stars.

Es una vita bonita

Caroline Duksta Grade 12, director de cine
Life begins and ends…but a little too soon for one young man.


Jessica Nejame Grade 12, director do cine
Who says opposite attract? No one in this film.

El Chivo Expiratorio

Kendra Walsh Grade 12, director do cine
A young man’s life is changed by an sadistic schoolmate.