CRAAP - Web Site Evaluation Model


Lesson One

You want to purchase a tablet.

Go to the Apple Site

You want to compare some Ipads. These are your questions:

1. Which model is the most expensive?

2. Which model has the largest display?


Use the Worksheet to Evaluate this site.

Do you have enough information to make an informed decision about purchasing a tablet if you have only looked at the Apple site?



Lesson Two

Evaluate these two sites:




 You want to answer the questions:

  • Where did people stay on the underground railroad?
  • How many slaves escaped by the Underground Railroad?
  • When did the Underground Railroad begin?



Link to the Final Assessment for Seventh Grade CRAAP




Students working on Retake

The link for Question 16 on Chihuahuas


The link for Question 17 on Smithsonian museums. You want to know what hours the museums are open.