VPN / Remote Access

Faculty and staff can now access files located in their Chariho home folder (U: drive) from outside the district.

  1. Connect to the service by clicking https://vpn.chariho.k12.ri.us.
    (You can bookmark the login page if you like.)
  2. To login to the VPN/remote access service, use your Windows/Email user name and password.
    (The remote access service is not available to students at this time.)
  3. From the "My Favorites" page, click the "Home Folder" icon. A new browser window should open listing the contents of your home folder (U: drive).
    • To change to a sub-folder, click the name of the folder.
    • To change to a higher-level folder, click the name of the folder in the "breadcrumbs" near the top of the page.
    • To return to the top level folder, click the "Home" button at the top of the page (not the browser's home button).
    • To open a file, click the name of the file. The file will open "read only". Do a File --> Save As to save a local copy of the document.
    • To upload a file, make sure you're in the desired folder, then click "Upload Files'. Browse to find the file and click "Upload". When you have no additional files to upload, click the "Exit" button.
    • To delete a file, click the red "X" to the right of the file to be deleted. Click "Yes" to confirm deletion.
  4. To disconnect, close the window that lists your files and click "Logout" in the top right corner of the main page.

Please note that if you are a faculty or staff member at an elementary school, your files will have to first travel to the main campus, and then to your remote location. If it's a large file, this could take a bit of time.