Standards-based Instruction

The Chariho Regional School District has embarked on a major initiative designed to reshape classrooms and schools across the District. Guided by the mantra to serve “all kids…all of the time…with no excuses,” we are committed to the recreation of our system so that all students will find themselves engaged in a rigorous, standards-based and more personalized educational system.

How will we do this? We will be guided by the Principles of Learning, which summarize decades of learning research. Our focus for this entire school year will be on clear expectations. We know that when our expectations are clear, our students will work harder and exert more effort, not because we tell them to but because they will want to. And, we know that greater effort leads to greater achievement. Only after we are confident that clear expectations are firmly and consistently evident in our classrooms and schools will we move on to another of the Principles.

We also know that we have to retrain our staff. All school leaders will participate in the Institute for Learning Consortium. Chariho will join eight other Rhode Island districts in this unique project designed to increase leadership capacity. Our leaders will take on new and exciting roles that will focus more on educational leadership and less on managerial responsibilities. Our teachers and support staff have already taken advantage of a variety of Professional Development Offerings. These offerings will lead to substantive and immediate change in classroom practice.

Finally, there is a need for curriculum reform. Our process has been recently revised so that national and international standards will come to drive all learning experiences. We hope to spend substantial time this school year restructuring curricula in the areas of English/Language Arts, Health, Business and Library Sciences. High quality reform in this area will result in the creation of curricula that is based on the highest and most rigorous of standards.