This theme involves the movement of ideas, resources, and people within or out of the community you are looking at.

The movement of ideas happens in many ways. One way is through the use of telephones. Another is through the use of newspapers. The Providence Journal, a daily publication, covers happenings in southern Rhode Island in its South County Section. The Chariho Times, a weekly publication, covers events in the Charlestown, Richmond and Hopkinton areas.

Another means of movement of ideas is through the use of the Internet. As more homes purchase computers and sign up with an Internet Provider, more ideas are being moved electronically. Thanks to the taxpayers of the tri-town area, our school district has made the Internet available to its students. This enables these students to gather information from around the world.

Yet another way is the use of television. Channels 6, 10, and 12 are located in the northern part of the state. All include any important news stories that have to do with southern Rhode Island as part of their evening and morning news programs.

The libraries found in our town also are part of the movement of ideas. The Langworthy Public Library is located on Spring Street in Hope Valley. Recently, this library was given the opportunity to develop its own web site by a local businessman. The other library is the Ashaway Free Library on Knight Street in Ashaway.

Chariho Regional School District
The Providence Journal
Channel 6
Channel 10
Channel 12

Another aspect of movement is the importing and exporting of goods. Most of the items that the people of the community use are imported, or brought in, from other places. Food and clothing are imported. Look at the labels on your clothing. You will be amazed at where they are made.

Hopkinton has a few businesses that manufacture goods. These goods are shipped worldwide. They are shipped mostly by trucks and planes. The trucks make use of the interstate highway system. These trucks may take these goods to airports, such as Green Airport in Warwick or Boston International Airport in Massachusetts. From there, they are sent elsewhere in the country or in the world.

Ashaway Line and Twine is a manufacturer of string for badminton, racquetball, or tennis rackets, as well as sport fishing lines. It is located in Ashaway. It was founded in 1824 by the Crandall Family. It is still being run by this family. Ashaway Line and Twine's products are used worldwide by many athletes, both recreational as well as professional.

Greene Plastics is located in Hope Valley. It is a manufacturer of plastic products and is well known around the world for "The Beadery." Greene Plastics beads are widely used in the crafts industry.

Another local business which exports goods is the Kay Dee Company in Hope Valley. They design and manufacture household products. They may be best known for their linen dish towels.

Don Bousquet has local ties. He currently does not live in Hopkinton. However, he spent part of his youth here and did graduate from Chariho High School. His cartoons, with a definite Rhode Island flavor, are found in publications that are available throughout the United States. We are fortunate to have in the lobby of the Ashaway Elementary School a painting of a quahogger that was designed for us by Mr. Bousquet.

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The last aspect of movement involves moving people. In our community, this is accomplished in a few ways.

The use of bicycles can be used for short distances. Because we are a rural community, this is usually not the most widely used.

The most commonly used means of transportation within our community is automobiles. This is also used for travel outside of our community. Cars are used on local roads such as neighborhood streets. They are also used on state-owned roads (for example, Route 3). Route 3, until Route 95 was built, was the main road connecting Westerly to Providence.

Cars are also used on Route 95. This is a major interstate highway that connects cities and towns along the East Coast from Maine to Florida. This highway is also used in the transportation of goods from one city or community to another.

Route 138 is another road that is used by members of the community. This road connects Connecticut and Rhode Island. It runs from east to west.

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