According to the 1990 Census, 6,873 people live in the town of Hopkinton. These people are spread out over about 44 square miles, of which about 1 square mile is water. This gives us a population density of about 156 persons per square mile.

The population of Hopkinton is made up of several races. While mostly white, there are also a number of Native American, Black, and Asian families.

The climate is variable. Hopkinton is in an area which has four distinct seasons. The average temperature in the summer (July) is about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature in the winter (January) is about 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

The physical features found within our borders include rivers, lakes, ponds, hills and valleys. Like other towns that were founded early in the development of our country, the villages of Hopkinton are situated on or near rivers or their tributaries. The rivers or tributaries that are found in our community are Wood River, Bushy Brook, Cononchet, Ashawog and Pawcatuck.

These physical features contributed to the naming of some of our villages. For example, Hope Valley was named for its location in a valley. Ashaway is on the Ashawog River. Woodville is on the Wood River, as is neighboring Wood River Junction, a village in Richmond.

Moscow Pond is located in the village of Moscow.Moscow Pond is located in the village of Moscow.

The Wood River forms the boundary between Hopkinton and Richmond.The Wood River forms the boundary between Hopkinton and Richmond.

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