There are two ways to study this theme. Hopkinton is both part of a larger region and is made up of smaller regions.

Part of Larger Region

Hopkinton is one of the towns that makes up the Chariho Regional School District. The other two towns are Charlestown and Richmond. Chariho has two small elementary schools that are located in Hopkinton, Ashaway Elementary School and Hope Valley Elementary School. Charlestown and Richmond each have one large elementary school.

This is the "Old Building" at the Ashaway Elementary School.This is the "Old Building" at the Ashaway Elementary School.

According to the enrollment figures from October 1, 1999, there are 692 students in the Ashaway and Hope Valley elementary schools. Richmond has 524 students. Charlestown has 447 students.

In the past, all of our elementary schools have sent their students to the Chariho Middle School after they completed fourth grade. Due to overcrowding at the middle school, this year (1999-2000) the fifth grade students from Hopkinton stayed at the elementary school. The middle school is made up of students from the three towns. It houses grades five through eight in a building located at the Chariho "campus" in Wood River Junction. The middle school is a one-story building that is divided into four areas. Each area, or house, contains one grade level. There are about 1,136 students at this school.

Upon finishing eighth grade, the tri-town students move on to the Chariho High School. This is also located at the Chariho "campus." Some students choose to attend the Career and Technical School, along with students from some of the surrounding towns. The Career and Technical School is part of a state system of vocational schools. Here they learn vocational trades. There are about 1,155 students at the high school.

With about 3,978 students being educated in the Chariho School District, Hopkinton is part of a large region!

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Made up of Smaller Regions

Hopkinton is made up of smaller regions, or villages. These include Barberville, Hope Valley, Woodville, Rockville, Centerville, Moscow, Locustville, Ashville, Bethel, Ashaway, and Burdickville. Most of these villages were settled near a water source. Some were named after the nearby river.

Moscow Pond in the village of MoscowMoscow Pond in the village of Moscow