K-8 Ready Classroom 

Dear K-8 Teachers of Math:

When a student logs in, the first interaction they have is with i-Ready Connect is to take the Diagnostic Assessment.  If you would like to administer the Diagnostic, speak with your building administrator first and obtain approval (re: concerns on too much testing, state testing, and making sure there is parent communication etc.).  If students take the Diagnostic first, they will be placed on a Personalized Lesson Pathway. 

However, there is also a "hide assessment" option.  The administrator or teacher can select this option.  If the teacher was to “hide the diagnostic assessment” then prior to completing a Diagnostic the student will have access to be assigned by the teacher to the following (but not be placed on an automatic Personalized Lesson Plan).:

  •  Learning Games
  • Comprehension Checks (teacher assigned)
  • Interactive Practice (teacher assigned)
  • Teacher Assigned Lessons (teacher assigned)
  • Bookshelf 
  • Digital Tools

To find more information on how to "hide the assessment", 1) Go to https://i-readycentral.com/faq/2) Then click on “+Diagnostic and Diagnostic Reports”, and 3) “+How do I manage the Assessment Access setting?”

 Starting with September, 2021, administering the Diagnostic will not be optional in Chariho.


Posted by Jane Daly On 13 April, 2021 at 3:54 PM