Chariho Family Update November 16, 2020 

Updated COVID-19 Protocols for Public Interaction (Updated as of 7/31/20)


Dear Chariho Community,

I am writing to share some updates and guidance. Please note that while in-person registration has closed for Quarter 2 and 3 and Trimester 2, families may opt into full distance learning at any time. Please reach out to your principal if you would like to move to distance learning.

On November 24th the Chariho School Committee will be meeting to review our current learning scenarios. Currently, all our schools offer either full in-person learning every day or an option to move to full-time distance learning. There is a discussion that will take place at our 11/24 school committee meeting to determine if we should consider moving to a 4-day in-person week/1-day distance learning day, or possibly other alternatives. A four-day week would consist of Monday as a distance learning day for all students to allow teachers the opportunity to have additional planning time and to create office hours for students who need additional support. Please note these options are based on a full/partial return plan. 
Please note CALA is an alternative learning academy and plans will be based on the individualized needs of the students. Our students at CALA will be prioritized to continue full in-person learning every day (if possible) if families choose that option.

If cases of COVID19 continue to rise we may be placed in what is called a limited model. In a limited model, our administrators prioritize our students based on the level of need I.e. grade level, students with IEP's, multi-lingual learners, students who require intervention, and/or have large learning gaps. You can review the RIDE guidance on the Limited Plan by clicking here.

We are asking our families to complete this survey so we can gather feedback for the School Committee meeting on possible learning scenarios moving forward. Even if you are currently registered for distance learning, we would like your feedback on the in-person learning scenario you would prefer if you were to return to in-person learning. If you have already completed the survey but have changed your mind, the survey does allow you to edit your response. We also added an “other” section for families who prefer an option that was not listed.

Please complete the following survey by Wednesday, November 18, 2020:

Elementary School Families- Click Here

Middle School Families -Click Here

High School Families -Click Here

We recognize that keeping the schools open is important for the education of our children. I am asking everyone to do their part so that we can continue to do what is necessary for the good of this entire community. 

I continue to appreciate your ongoing support and partnership.


Gina Picard


Posted by Eric OBrien On 17 November, 2020 at 3:32 PM