School Counseling Department

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Erik Meerbach (Department Chair)             Mar-Mo/Li-Lu (gr 10) Erik [dot] Meerbach [at] Chariho [dot] k12 [dot] ri [dot] us Ext. 2121
Lauren Martinez                                          Haj-Map/G-Le (gr 10) Lauren [dot] Martinez [at] Chariho [dot] k12 [dot] ri [dot] us Ext. 2122
Pattee Dipollino                                          A-Cla/A-Cor (gr 10) Patricia [dot] Dipollino [at] Chariho [dot] k12 [dot] ri [dot] us Ext. 2124
Elizabeth Brennan                                       Sas-Z/Si-Z (gr 10)     Elizabeth [dot] Brennan [at] chariho [dot] k12 [dot] ri [dot] us Ext. 2123
Donald Wheeler                                          Cle-Hai/Cos-F (gr 10) Donald [dot] Wheeler [at] Chariho [dot] k12 [dot] ri [dot] us Ext. 2722
Karen Fontes                                              Mu-Sar/M-Sh (gr 10) Karen [dot] Fontes [at] Chariho [dot] k12 [dot] ri [dot] us Ext. 2721


Trina Garafola Trina [dot] Garafola [at] Chariho [dot] k12 [dot] ri [dot] us Ext. 2120

The School Counseling Department can be reached at (401)315-2834 or (401)364-7778. The Department will be open for appointments during regular school hours 7:30 am - 2:15 pm on Monday thru Friday.

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