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Gale  Databases

Opposing Viewpoints in Context - great for persuasive essays, global, and general topics

Gale Virtual Reference Library - Multidisciplinary research, ebooks on Environment, History, World Nations and Science

World History in Context - Multimedia content supporting National Curriculum Standards

U.S. History in Context - Multimedia content supporting National Curriculum Standards

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Help us evaluate the following databases.   Use the three databases below (just click on the title) and let one of the librarians know if you find them useful.

Gale Science in Context

Science In Context features authoritative information covering all major science topics.  This database integrates 150+ comprehensive Gale reference sets  (Encyclopedia of Science, Chemical Elements, Science in Dispute, and Macmillian Science Library), as well as topic overviews, biographies, periodical articles from noted publicaitons, images and videos, detailed experiments from Experiment Central, biographies, and dictionaries.

Gale Interactive Science

Gale Interactive:  pairs interactive models with periodicals to bring science to life and improve students' understaning of the sciences. 



Science Online

Curriculum-oriented overview of the full range of scientific disciplines.  Special features: Experiments, activities, images, videos and animations.



 Today's Science

Today's Science explains important developments in biology, chemistry, the environment, space, physics, and technology. Students are provided with information in context, clearly explained and abundantly illustrated, so they can see new advances not as inexplicable wonders, but as resulting from the application of the same concepts and principles of investigation (the scientific method) that they are learning about in simpler form in the classroom. 


     (eBooks can also be accessed through the Library's Online Catalog - simply search by Title, Author, Subject, or Keyword)


   Primary sources, encyclopedic articles, ebooks and more.

Culture Grams

        Educational resources that foster understanding and appreication of the world's countries and peoples.   


    Free access to databases from your public library.  

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