Student Internet Resources - Bridges

How Stuff Works: How Bridges Work
Basic forces, and types of bridges (beam, arch, and suspension) are discussed.

In Straws We Trussed
Explore some of the basic concepts that are important in the design of engineering structures. Explains the concepts of compression and tension.

Nova Online Build a Bridge
This site provides links to information on arch, beam, suspension, and cable-stayed bridges.

Fact Monster: Bridges
Did you know people used to use logs or weaved vines to cross streams? Now bridges are used to cross rivers. This is a great place for anyone interested in learning more about Bridges. Just scroll down and begin reading. The article contains definitions for five of the most common types of modern bridges. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Architecture" for additional articles and resources.

Micron Suspension Bridges
Check out this site to find a good general definition for tension and compression.

Multnoma County Bridges: Bridge Types
This resource provides information on fixed bridges of timber , stone, steel, and concrete. Information is also provided on vertical lift and swing bridges.

The Basic Bridge Types
This site features girder, cable stayed, truss, arch, rigid frame, and suspension bridges.

Building Big
Bridges, domes, tunnels, are they built, how do they stay up? Answer these questions and more by checking out the interactive labs on this site to learn how forces affect structures.

Building Big: Bridge Basics
Engineers must consider many things (like the distance to be spanned and the types of materials available) before determining the size, shape, and overall look of a bridge. Read here to find out how they do it!

"BUILDING BIG: Forces Lab" is a great resource that teaches about the physics of bridges. Learn about compression and tension forces.

Fact Monster: Famous Buildings and Structures
For all you young architects out there, Fact Monster has compiled a list of some of the most famous pieces of architecture in the world. Scroll down to see the complete list, broken down by period and location, including in-text links and thumbnail images.

Famous Bridges of the world
Looking for a list of some of the biggest and best bridges in the world? Click here to see pictures and learn important facts.

Brooklyn Bridge Web Page
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous suspension bridges in the world. Take a peek at this wonder of New York at this website.

Interactive Learning Site

Bridge the Gap
On this site you will examine different types of bridges and see which are the most appropriate for different spaces that must be crossed. Read about each type of bridge and then play the game where you must choose a bridge to fit the situation. See how well you would do at being a bridge architect.