CMS Online Research Tools


Information Please Almanac
A wonderful source that combines an almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia. It includes biographies of the United States Presidents.

Today In History
This page allows you to search through the entire archive of the site. Every day there is an interesting link to events in the past from primary source materials in the Library of Congress.


The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus
A dictionary and thesaurus combined.

Hebrew Picture Dictionary


The Free Dictionary
Search words and find definitions, synonyms, related words and antonyms.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Science Definitions - School for Champions

Spanish Picture Dictionary
Free, online, resources to learn Spanish (or English) words in a fun way. Each word in
the dictionary has an English and Spanish translation and transliteration and a photograph of the item. The interface is simple and both kids and adults will find this educational website entertaining and useful.

Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary

Fortissimo Music Dictionary


Check out an artist's work; you can search by name of the artist, nationality, medium, etc.

Encarta (Free Online Version)
Not as much information as the fee version, but still worthwhile.

Encyclopedia Britannica
Search for word definitions, subjects and biographies.

Hyper History Online
A great place to find information on famous people, events, and maps with wonderful timelines and lifelines.

Find word definitions, encyclopedia entries, conduct internet searches and more.

An online encyclopedia on computer and Internet technology.

Field Guide

Animal Diversity Web
Collection of information and pictures about animals. Search for individual species to find information and images.
A wonderful place to find online field guides for amphibians, birds, fishes, mammals, seashells, and more.

Species identification, research and resources and bug associations.

MarLIN - The Marine Life Information Network for Britain and Ireland
Open the website, click "search" and type the name of the sea plant or creature you are researching. Make sure to click on "all" before hitting the submit button.

US Fish and Wildlife Service
Links to species identification information, endangered species list, fisheries, habitat information and more.

US Geological Survey
Checklist of amphibian species and identification guide: An online guide for the identification of amphibians in North America north of Mexico.


National Geographic Magazine
The online version of the print magazine.

The online version of the print magazine.

Time for Kids
A student friendly online version of Time.

The online version of the print magazine.


Atlapedia Online
This site features both physical and political maps of countries.

Maps Area
Search this site for world atlases, maps of polar regions and oceans, and view the Earth and Moon from all angels.
A wonderful site with links to a world atlas that has physical and political maps. Topographic maps are also available at this site as well as, trip planning, directions, and map games.

Map Machine
Powered by National Geographic, search countries to find road maps, topography, rainfall, population, and more!

Time and Date
Provides a time zone map, calendar, calendar generator, and other time-related nifties.

Zoom Into Maps
What are maps and what do they do? This website describes maps, their functions, and gives a variety of historical maps.

Primary Source Materials

American Journeys
This site focuses on the exploration period. It has a search engine for images. Under a link for "Historical Highlights" you can find a timeline of exploration. Reading levels will be high for younger students.

American Memories
This is a wonderful collection from the Library of Congress. Follow "The Learning Page" link for information on how teachers can best utilize primary source documents in the classroom. Resources available on this site include: manuscripts, texts, sheet music, maps, motion pictures, photos, prints, and sound recordings.

Our Documents
This site includes access to the 100 most important documents from the beginning of the history of the United States until the Civil Rights Act. Documents are available in their original form with transcriptions available to assist with earlier documents that are hand written. There are links available for documents related to the one you are working on. Some documents have lesson plans that include links to standards, timelines, and a bibliography.

Primary Source Documents
These worksheets will be very helpful as you work with primary sources.

Providence Library Rhode Island Collection
Check out this collection of historic images of Rhode Island from the Providence Public Library. Follow the link for "Providence Public Library RI Image Collection".

Smithsonian Education
This page offers a search engine for resources for teachers on the Smithsonian site. There are lesson plans and recommended websites available.