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Examine the paintings of many famous artists throughout the ages here, complete with historical background and printable student comprehension activities.


Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish is a free, on-line, educational resource to learn Spanish words. The flash site incorporates 40 topics, along with over 1,400 Spanish words and phrases. When you click on a word or phrase you can hear it spoken. The high quality audio was created in a sound studio. The site is multilingual. The menus are in Spanish and English.


Universal Precautions Video
Scroll down to the video titled "Universal Precautions"

The Red Book Exposure to Blood on the Job: What School Employees Need to Know
A booklet (available in English and Spanish) on how to manage blood on the job, including information on HIV and hepatitis, exposure control, and steps to take if you are exposed. (revised 2004) Download a copy of the 34 page Red Book.


Digital History
Over 400 annotated documents from the Gilder Lehrman Collection on deposit at the Pierpont Morgan Library, supplemented by primary sources on slavery, Mexican American and Native American history, and U.S. political, social, and legal history; succinct essays on the history of film, ethnicity, private life, and technology and reference resources that include a searchable database of 1,500 annotated links, classroom handouts, chronologies, glossaries, an audio archive including speeches and book talks by historians, and a visual archive with hundreds of historical maps and images. (Synopsis written by Stephen Lehrer)


Arbor Day
From the National Arbor Day Foundation, this site provides classroom activities for every grade level.

President's Day
This site from Miami-Dade County Public Schools features a detailed history of President's Day, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. It also contains a lesson plan appropriate for grades 6-12 and a list of related links.

Veteran's Day
K-12 Activities you can implement in your classroom.


Link to student math links - MORE resources!

The Math Forum Home Page
This site can be searched by resource type (lesson plan), math topics, grade levels, and key sites.

RI Mathematics Teacher Association
You can join RIMTA's listserv, learn about math standards, apply for grants, and obtain information about their annual conference.

CTAP Region 4: Middle School Math Project
CA Technology Assisted Program Region 4 has developed this site for middle school math.

Seeing Math
Seeing Math has developed interactive software Java tools to clarify key mathematical ideas in middle and high school mathematics. Each interactive provides a real-time connection between representations of the mathematics (symbolic, graphical, etc.), so that changes in one representation instantly cause changes in the other.

Educational technologies continue to press onwards and upwards, and screencasts would seem to be one of the latest trends in this area. Screencasts basically combine narration with on-screen writing in order to demonstrate various procedures, principles, and processes. This website brings together a number of screencasts designed to teach various mathematical endeavors, and it will be quite helpful for teachers and those students who find themselves confounded by such matters as graphing points on a grid and the dreaded quadratic formula. Visitors can browse these “mathcasts” by topic or by specific subject matter. Additionally, the site contains information on how to use these devices in the classroom and how interested parties might create their own mathcasts.

Enjoy Mathematics in 3D
This site, created by the Department of Mathematics Education, Faculty of Education, Shinshu University, welcomes users to the three-dimensional mathematics world described as "the world of space figures learned with the three-dimensional dynamic geometry software."

Math Slice
These math games (including Math Jeopardy and Math Millionaire) are complemented by a wide selection of online multiple choice activities that test class knowledge of math concepts from basic counting to algebra and statistics.

The Educator's Reference Desk
Hundreds of mathematics lesson plans organized by subject and grade level.

Geometry and its Applications (GeoMAP)
Eight complete high school geometry units created by the Consortium of Mathematics and its Applications.

A library of math word problems for elementary and middle school students.

Mudd Math Fun Facts
Fun math facts created by the Harvey Mudd College math department that teachers can use to enrich their lessons.

PBS TeacherSource
Math lessons and activities organized by grade and topic.

Scholastic Teachers
Lessons, activities, and tools.

A forum for teachers and parents to exchange questions about math.

Feed the Pig
A fun, hands-on financial literacy program for grades 4-6 from the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants. Feed the Pig helps children learn about the urgency of saving while building important math skills in a fun and engaging way.

Johnny Money
Now available from the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation, Johnny Money Online Game is a FREE Internet-based small business simulation game that engages students as they explore the risks and rewards of business ownership. Johnny Money is the newest of the Entrepreneur-in-the-Classroom programs, which are designed to enable educators to talk about entrepreneurship in their classrooms.


K-12 Resources for Music Educators
Resources provided at this site include links to listservs, free software, and biographies of composers. This site is so massive it must be seen to be truly appreciated!

With his website, Teoria, Jose Rodriguez Alvira offers visitors the opportunity to take online tutorials, complete exercises, and read articles about music all in the same place. In the "Tutorials" area, visitors will learn about how to read music and how to identify different chords, intervals, and harmonic functions. Moving along, the "Exercises" area lets visitors test their mettle with interactive materials that will take them through the world of key signatures, jazz, and clef reading. Finally, the site also has a "Reference" area which provides answers to such questions as "What is a chord?" along with offering a detailed explication of the bits and pieces of information that can be found in a bar of music.


PE Central
Lesson plans, assessment tools, and professional development information for health and physical education teachers in all grades can be accessed at this site.


Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow
6 complete units on cities, with activities included for each one. Interactive quizzes, background material, city profiles and suggestions for action. Students will study urban issues across the globe from environmental, social and economic perspectives.

Culture Goggles
This website helps demonstrate how culture affects our perceptions by illustrating how the city of Jerusalem appears through the eyes of people from three faiths: Jewish, Christian and Muslim.


DataStreme Atmosphere
The Weather Channel has been cranking out "reality tv" for as long as it's been around, but somehow no one's been really hooked on the vagaries of meteorology--until now! Yes, now you can bring the unpredictable, real-world excitement of the weather into your classroom, through this teacher enhancement initiative of the American Meteorological Society (AMS). This course trains teachers to become weather education resource specialists and to make use of electronically submitted, real-time weather data in their classrooms.

Electricity Online
This site features lessons, activities, and interactive games all about electricity. Lesson topics include electrostatics, magnetism, and electromagnetism. Check out the activities that test your knowledge about the various applications of electricity, trace the historical development of this field, and play a game wherein you use your electric know-how to save a damaged spaceship.

Little Shop of Physics
The Little Shop of Physics is a collection of hands-on science experiments that are designed to be used by students at all grade levels, K-16.

Science Education Gateway
Lesson plans are available at this site developed by NASA, educators, and others. Check out the grab bag which features images, movies, games, and on-line quizzes!

Teacher's Domain
After completing the free registration, you will have access to a wealth of K-12 science-related media and professional development materials. You can tailor your results to display resources in your grade band and/or discipline area. Some examples of the material include a video segment on honeybee navigation and communication, part of the collection of resources and lessons that explore regulation and behavior.

From Saran Wrap to disposable diapers to lawn furniture, plastic molds our world. At this site, correlated to the National Science Education Standards, your students can play games that show them the many permutations, uses, and benefits of plastics such as vinyl, polycarbonate, and fiberglass. A section for parents and teachers provides background information about the development of plastics.

Weather Lessons
Check out these lessons on relative humidity and dewpoint, the seasons, solar radiation, heat and insulation, and more.


Special Education Resources
Techniques to assist students with academic and behavioral challenges can be found at this site. Definitions and resources for disability categories are also available through this link.

Special Education - ADHD Resource
Click on "Publications and Resources" to access valuable resources provided by the Rhode Island Technical Assistance Program.

ALPS Active Learning Practices for Schools
On this site you will find model lessons and curriculum design tools. There are also interactive forums available.

Looking for more? Check out these web resources applicable to any subject area!