Elementary World Language

October, 2020

Dear parents and guardians,

In Kindergarten class this month, students are counting up to 10. They have started the colors of apples and will be learning the colors of leaves (roja - red, amarilla - yellow, café - brown, anaranjada - orange, verde - green) and a poem about trees and leaves.

Soy un árbol. I am a tree.

Tengo una hoja. I have a leaf.

La hoja se cae. The leaf falls.

No tengo hojas. I have no leaves.

In First grade, students are making books about the days of the week (lunes - Monday, martes - Tuesday, miércoles - Wednesday, jueves - Thursday, viernes - Friday, sábado - Saturday, domingo - Sunday). They are also learning more ways to express how they are feeling (feliz - happy, triste - sad, tengo hambre - I’m hungry, tengo sed - I’m thirsty, enojado - angry, enfermo - sick, aburrido - bored, cansado - tired, emocionado - excited, nervioso - nervous). 

Second grade students are learning about the 4 seasons and the weather associated with each. They are reviewing their numbers, up to 39 and deciding if a number is odd (impar) or even (par). They are also reviewing how they are feeling using many expressions. We have observed butterflies in our classrooms and outside on the playground. We are learning about the stages of the monarch butterflies and making a book about the stages. We are going to follow the butterflies as they travel to Michoacan, México. Ask your student how many kilometers it is from RI to México. 

In grade three students are reviewing their numbers to 39, 11 colors and expressions to tell how they are feeling. We are reading a story about Chiqui, the Hamster. They will be learning about animals and their habitats (la granja - farm, el océano - the ocean, la selva - the forest, las montañas - mountains.  

Grade 4 students have written about themselves including what they like to do, one thing they have and one thing there is in their home. These short sentences contain some of the Super 7 verbs which are the most important verbs in the Spanish language. They are making a video introducing themselves to their friends. We will start to describe ourselves using some descriptive words. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns and we love it when you share how your children are using their language outside of the classroom. We have heard many great stories. You may click on my name below to send me an email. Our World Language website also has resources that you may want to access. 

Hasta pronto,

Señora Gendreau 

September, 2020

Dear parents,

My name is Lois Gendreau, known to the kids as Señora Gendreau. I have taught Spanish at all levels and here in the Chariho District since the elementary program started. This year I will be at Richmond Elementary School on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and at Ashaway on Thursday and Friday. As everything else this year, World Language classes will look a little different. We will only have one class per week instead of two classes. If your child is new to the district and hasn’t had Spanish before, don’t worry. I will help them get caught up and you will be surprised at how quickly most of them will catch on. I have strategies to help them feel comfortable in this new class and the other students in the class will serve as interpreters. That is fun to observe. 

I try to speak Spanish as much as possible in class, always making the language comprehensible with images and gestures. This is best practice for learning a language. Through storytelling, songs and lots of listening activities, students will gain confidence to begin speaking in Spanish. We will also learn about how children in Spanish speaking countries live; some parts of their daily life is just like ours and others very different!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any concerns and I love it when you share how your children are using their language outside of the classroom. You may click on my name below to send me an email. This Elementary World Language website also has resources that you may want to access, including some of the songs we sing in class. 


Señora Gendreau 

10 Things Spanish Teachers want Parents to Know

(Adapted with permission from Spanishplayground.net)
1. Your child is learning Spanish. S/he knows more than you realize.

2. Language is more than words. We want to connect kids to the people, cultures and history behind the words they learn.

3. Spanish is not a foreign language. More than 40 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish at home and we believe learning a language is important for kids. We also understand cultural identity is complex. We will support all home cultures in any way we can. 

4. Learning a language is a lifelong process. Mastering a second language requires many years of consistent exposure and practice.

5. There is a method to the madness. Really! It is a methodology, in fact. Sometimes it looks like fun and games but it is carefully structured language input. 
6. Language teachers (like all your teachers) work really hard. Every word we say to our students is the content we are teaching so we interact intentionally. Each word is an opportunity! 

7. We appreciate your help. Any contact with Spanish helps your child learn. We will recommend songs, apps, books and ways to work Spanish into your daily routines. 

8. The benefits of learning Spanish go beyond the language. Learning Spanish develops vocabulary in English, confidence and an understanding and appreciation of community and the world. 

9. We know there is more to your child’s life than Spanish. We care about your child. If there are things we need to know to help her learn, please tell us. 

10. Learning Spanish is worth the work. Your child will thank you.