Chariho Middle School Program for Highly Capable Students

Highly capable students are often able to perform at remarkably elevated levels.  However, for some highly capable students, there is lack of alignment between school performance and ability.  All of these students exhibit high performance capability in intellectual, creative, and/or academic areas.  The needs of many highly capable students can be met in the regular classroom.  Yet, a differentiated program of instruction that occurs out of the regular classroom is required to meet the unique needs of some of these students.  It is the goal of the Chariho Middle School Program for Highly Capable Students to challenge all highly capable students to perform at their individual maximums.


The Chariho Middle School Program for Highly Capable Students provides two distinct avenues of out-of-the classroom differentiated instruction.  At the fifth and sixth grade levels, students engage in group, research-based learning.  Students must commit to rigorous and long-term guided research.  At the seventh and eighth grade levels, students enroll in a Virtual High School online course ( or participate in a group-based, curriculum-embedded research project.  These courses offer challenging content generally encountered at the high school level.


At all grade levels, the Chariho Middle School Program for Highly Capable Students seeks to identify students who:

o   Have high intellectual, academic and creative thinking capability

o   Require out-of-the-classroom differentiated instruction

o   Need an intellectual peer group for inspired learning


Students will be selected for the Highly Capable Program based upon the following criteria:

o   Parent referral

o   Teacher referral

o   Academic performance

o   State assessment performance

o   Student essay and interest

o   Need for an out-of-the-classroom differentiated program




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