Chariho Middle School Math Practice Entering Grade Six

Math Concepts That Should be Mastered Before Entering 6th Grade:

Mutiplication Tables up to Twelve
Dividing whole numbers
Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
Adding and subtracting decimals
Finding surface areas and volumes of prisms

Math Games

AAA Math - 5th grade This page will take you to concepts to review for 5th grade math. Customize it to meet you needs by clicking on the grade level links below AAA Math to make skills easier or more difficult.
The Amberweb Tables Tester This site offers multiplication practice at three levels of difficulty.
Are you a Math Magician? Timed practice on two levels on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Basketball Interactive This site will allow students to practice basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
BBC-Skillswise Times Tables This game is for those who like some sound with their math!
Click on Bricks -Multiplication Facts 1 to 4 Here is a site to strengthen and build mutiplication skills.
Help With Fractions This site is a basic tutorial about fractions.
Hungry for Math Links on this page allow students to work on adding and subtracting fractions.
Internet4Classrooms-Math Skills Grade 5 Many links can be found here to resources for 5th grade math.
Internet5Classrooms-Interactive Math Skill Builders Grade 5 These interactive sites will allow students to review 5th grade math skills.
Math Cats Explore Mulitplication This site offers both interactive and other activities to practice multiplication and division.
Multiplication Mystery Try out filling in this multiplication grid!
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Click on the link for grades 3-5 to find appropriate skills to practice.
Power Football Check out this web page if you want to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division at four different levels.
Shodor Interactive Shape Builder Activity This activity operates in one of two modes: auto draw and create shape mode, allowing you to explore relationships between area and perimeter.
Shodor Interactive Shape Explorer Activity, Learn the difference between perimeter and area. A random shape will be automatically generated. Calculate the area and perimeter of this shape.
Soccer Shootout This site allows you to work with fractions at three levels and with whole numbers doing addition, subtraction and mulitplication.
Who Wants Pizza? A Fun Way to Learn About Fractions This is the site that explains how to work with fractions and provides practice on doing so.
Word Problems for Kids Grade Five Use these word problems to review fifth grade skills.