CMS News Sources on the Internet

Current Events Report - Click on the link to download a copy to complete for homework.

4Square Form - Click on the link to download a copy if needed.

Newspapers, News Sources and Databases on the Internet

EBSCO Choose "Student Resource Center" to choose from newspaper and magazine articles, country reports, books and encyclopedias, biographies, state and province reports, primary source documents, and photos, maps and flags. 

Time for Kids - EASY READING Time Magazine written especially for kids!

Dogo News - Current Events, Science, Sports news and more!

Headline Spot - News for kids and current events. Sections are available for top stories, science, environment, sports and lots of other areas!

BBC for Kids - EASY READING British Broadcasting Corporation's web site for kids that provides news for and about children every day of the year, including news, weather, pop culture, science, and more.

Yak's Corner - EASY READING America's coolest weekly news magazine for kids- with news, travel, food, animals, and crafts. Also includes an area for parents and teachers

Science News for Kids - Check out the lastest info in science!

Sports Illustrated for Kids - See what is happening in the world of sports!

Kids News Room - EASY READING A weekly newsmagazine featuring news, games, information and submitted articles from kids and schools from around the

US. Army Times Military news and information.

CNN Student News This site will allow you to find information on both current and news events that occurred in the last several years.

Google News An excellent resource for finding an article about any event. This source allow uses to see how different news organizations are reporting the same story.

KidOn Media Link This source boasts a vast collection of links to news outlets organized by region and country. Search for newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television news.

Opinion Pages This site provides access to the most current editorials, opinions, commentaries and columnists from more than 600 English newspapers and magazines on the World Wide Web.

Today's Front Pages 216 Front Pages from 26 countries.

Lycos Top News The top stories in the U.S. includes a section with polls and editorial cartoons.

Student Connections The New York Times Learning Network is a free service for students in grades 3-12, their teachers and parents.

USA Today This site features the Web based version of this popular paper with national and international news. Yahoo News A great place to find information online on current events. This site features links to great resources in various areas. Current events and news about the goverment can be found in Social Studies>Current Events. 


Local News
Chariho Times
Providence Journal
South County Independent  
Westerly Sun 

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