Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science is divided into units, which introduce students to topics in animal science, wildlife management, plant and soil science, environment science, and resource economics. Introduction to Future Farmers of America (FFA) activities is an integral part of the coursework and membership is mandatory.

Students will have the opportunity to focus on a particular career pathway. Agricultural Science will offer an Animal Science pathway or a Plant Science pathway. In the Animal Science pathway students will study domestic animal science and wildlife management. This pathway concentrates on the science of the modern production of livestock currently important to the agricultural industry as well as areas in human and wildlife interaction and species identification. In this year of the Plant Science pathway studies will include an in-depth examination of the floriculture or landscape industries. Semester one will be an exploration into the retail flower shop business including floral designing skills, which will be an integral portion of this course. Semester two includes the option to take an introduction to the basics of landscape design including development of landscape drawings or plant science where an emphasis will be placed on the propagation of various floricultural and horticultural crops learning greenhouse management skills and techniques.

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