Job Development

Employment during high school offers many benefits to teenagers. The Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS Skills) identifies five workplace competencies that need to be developed for successful employment.

SCANS Skills

Five Workplace Competencies
1. Resources

Identifies, organizes, plans, and allocates resources

  1. A. Time--Selects goal-relevant activities, ranks them, allocates time, and prepares and follows schedules
  2. B. Money--Uses or prepares budgets, makes forecasts, keeps records, and makes adjustments to meet objectives
  3. C. Material and Facilities--Acquires, stores, allocates, and uses materials or space efficiently
  4. D. Human Resources--Assesses skills and distributes work accordingly, evaluates performance and provides feedback

2. Interpersonal

Works with others

  1. A. Participates as Member of a Team--contributes to group effort
  2. B. Teaches Others New Skills
  3. C. Serves Clients/Customers--works to satisfy customers' expectations
  4. D. Exercises Leadership--communicates ideas to justify position, persuades and convinces others, responsibly challenges existing procedures and policies
  5. E. Negotiates--works toward agreements involving exchange of resources, resolves divergent interests
  6. F. Works with Diversity--works well with men and women from diverse backgrounds

3. Information

Acquires and uses information

  1. A. Acquires and Evaluates Information
  2. B. Organizes and Maintains Information
  3. C. Interprets and Communicates Information
  4. D. Uses Computers to Process Information

4. Systems

Understands complex inter-relationships

  1. A. Understands Systems--knows how social, organizational, and technological systems work and operates effectively with them
  2. B. Monitors and Corrects Performance--distinguishes trends, predicts impacts on systems operations, diagnoses deviations in systems' performance and corrects malfunctions
  3. C. Improves or Designs Systems--suggests modifications to existing systems and develops new or alternative systems to improve performance

5. Technology

Works with a variety of technologies

  1. A. Selects Technology--chooses procedures, tools or equipment including computers and related technologies
  2. B. Applies Technology to Task--Understands overall intent and proper procedures for setup and operation of equipment
  3. C. Maintains and Troubleshoots Equipment--Prevents, identifies, or solves problems with equipment, including computers and other technologies

Documentation of achievement of these skills is embedded in the Chariho Graduation Portfolio. Career advisors are available to assist students with job development and portfolio documentation. Employment, internship and volunteer opportunities are posted at the high school, the Career and Technical Center and on the web page.