Computer Technology & Game Design

The Computer Technology & Game Design program is a rigorous three-year, college prep, program of study. This area of (STEAM) Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics based workmanship is designed to provide students with an understanding of the concepts, principles, and techniques involved in the workings of a modern day computer system and its peripherals. Students completing the three-year program of studies are eligible to earn four transferable undergraduate credits from the University of Rhode Island in Cyber Security & Computer Forensics, six transferable undergraduate college credits from Central Maine Community College, and three articulated credits upon enrollment at New England Institute of Technology.

In the first year of study students are assigned individual and team projects in which they create, edit, save, print, and present files in a variety of mediums including game design for the PC. Highlights during year 1, include the “Principles of Information Technology, and Game Design Programming with crossover segments in Digital Media, Graphics and HTML.
In the second year of study students move away from the fundamental units of instruction and become more proficient at intermediate and advanced problem solving using the computer as both the tool and the object of digital production. Highlights during year 2 include “Cyber Security & Digital Forensics” resulting in eligibility to receive four undergraduate credits from the University of Rhode Island. Students further engage projects in Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver, and Game Design Programming with crossover segments in Digital Media and Graphics.

In the third year of study students actively engage in the dynamic reshaping of technologies as they begin to seriously examine post-secondary & career related occupations within the Information Technology field. Highlighted during year 3 of the program is an opportunity to study and test for the IC3 industry certification. Students successfully completing the three year Computer Technology & Game Design program may carry over 10 undergraduate credits to the college or university of their choice.

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