High School Registration Forms

Registration Requirements for Chariho Regional High School
This checklist is designed to help streamline your student’s registration process.
There are documents needed that we must have before we can enroll your student.
If all documents are not provided, we will have to reschedule your appointment
and will not be able to complete your registration.
The following information must be brought with you to the registration appointment:
1. Locator Card
To process a locator card, you will need to bring with you to the town hall the following:
  1. Proof of residency by providing any of the following: RI Drivers license with your current street address, copy of lease clearly stating landlords name and contact number, tax bill, a piece of mail with current street address, or car registration. If you are moving in with someone else, (i.e. family member or friend) that person needs to prove residency at the town hall as stated above and sign a sworn statement.
  2. Copy of child’s birth certificate
If a single parent, legal papers showing custody of the child (i.e. divorce papers, death certificate, guardianship papers from Family Court/Probate Court)
If the School District has any questions regarding the residency of any child, the Truant Office or a Police Officer will be dispatched to verify residency. If it is determined that a student’s residency in Chariho was claimed fraudulently and/or under false pretenses, responsible parents or guardians will be charged tuition for each day the student or students attended Chariho schools without properly being a resident of the Chariho District for school purposes under Rhode Island law.
Enrollment in Chariho schools will cease.
2. Copy of Legal Guardianship (if applicable)
Court appointed custody papers, divorce papers, death certificate, guardianship papers from Family/Probate Court
If a family is willing to allow an out-of-district student to live with them, they must file for Temporary Guardianship by filling out an affidavit acting in LOCO.
3. Copy of Birth Certificate
4Immunizations Records. If student is from out-of-state a physical is necessary
5A transcript or copy of last report card and withdrawal grades
The Rhode Island laws state that in order for a student to enroll in any of the public schools, the parent, foster parent or other adult care provider must present proof of residency and medical immunization documentation before entry
Requests to Attend Chariho Schools
With the exception of applicants for Career and Technical programs, requests of students from other districts to pay tuition to attend Chariho schools will be brought to the school committee for action. In extenuating circumstances and with the prior approval of the Superintendent, students who are moving to one of the member towns may be allowed to attend Chariho schools without payment of tuition prior to October 1st if residency will be established by October 1st. Transportation will not be provided when requests are granted.
Students Residence Changes
If a student’s residence changes to an out-of-district location after completion of his/her junior year in high school, the student will be allowed to complete his/her senior year in Chariho High School. If any current Chariho student’s residence changes to a location other than one of the member towns during the course of a semester, the student will be allowed to complete the current semester in the Chariho schools. Transportation will not be provided when these options are exercised. These guidelines will not apply if it is determined that a student’s residency in a member town was claimed fraudulently and/or under false pretenses.

Download the necessary forms here