The Fronde - The Web Chronology Project

This site consists of a series of hyperlinked chronologies developed by the instructors and articles prepared by students intended for use in history classes.

The Fronde - Infoplease

Encyclopedia article with links to "The Fronde of the Parlement" and "The Fronde of the Princes."

The Glorious Revolution - England in the 17th Century

Events leading up to the Glorious Revolution and a brief description.

The Glorious Revolution - Infoplease

An explanation of the events leading up to the the deposition of King James II and a description of "The Declaration of Rights." It is also called the Bloodless Revolution.

Pontiac's Rebellion - Ohio History Central

An online encyclopedia of Ohio's history.

Pontiac's Rebellion - The History Channel

This day in History... May 7, 1763 Pontiac's Rebellion begins....

American Revolution - KidPort Reference Library

Outlines a timetable and events that led to the independence of the thirteen North American colonies from Great Britain. 

 American Revolution - Library of Congress

America's Story from America's Library: Brief description of major events, time line, and links to related stories.

French Revolution - FactMonster

Origins of the Revolution. Description of the three estates and explanation of how the Republic was formed.

French Revolution - How Stuff Works

Links to the Enlightenment Movement help analyze the motives behind the French Revolution. Good source for images.

Mexican War of Independence - History Channel

This day in history... September 16, 1810 tells how the Mexican War for Independence began...

Mexican War of Independence - Texas State Historical Society

Detailed description of the events leading up to Mexico's War for Independence.

U. S. Civil War - Library of Congress

America's Story from America's Library: explores the economical factors on the eve of the war.

U. S. Civil War - PBS's American Experience

The Time of the Lincolns gives a more personal account of  the Civil War. For actual photos, explore "The Camera Goes to War."

New York Draft Riots - University of Chicago Press

Riots that plagued New York City in the days after the Civil War Draft pitted white workers against working class blacks. Images include some from the New York Historical Society depicting the torture of blacks.

New York Draft Riots - InfoPlease 

An overview of the events leading up to July 13-16, 1863 in New York City.

Russian Revolution - FactMonster

Origins of the discontent including links to a timeline, the Revolution of 1905 and the February Revolution.

Russian Revolution - The Kids Window

Brief look at Bloody Sunday 1905 and the events leading up to the February 1917 Revolution.

Cuban Revolution - ThinkQuest

How Castro came to power and how the U.S. was involved including an explanation of the Bay of Pigs incident.

Cuban Revolution - Beyond the Headlines

On this day in history: January 1, 1959 "Batista Flees Cuba as Castro Takes Power." Explains events leading up to the Revolution, Cuba's relationship with the United States and key players involved.

Iranian Revolution - New York Times: UpFront

Describes the events of January 1979 and how Iran went from Ally to Enemy when Ayatollah Khomeni took power from the Shah. Explains tensions between Iran and western civilization.

Iranian Revolution - Northern Virginia Community College

Explains the Islamic Revolution, provides a timeline, and links to other sites including how U.S. support of the Shah effected United States and Iranian relations.

Counterculture Revolution - The Cold War Museum

Summer of Love and Woodstock. Beginning with a sit-in in San Francisco in January 1967 this site describes the peace, happiness and love that the Counterculture Revolution of the Sixties promoted.

Counterculture Revolution - The British Library

Describes the elements of a Counterculture Revolution with examples of how a grassroots campaign can sweep through a nation. Links to common terms used gives examples of actual pamphlets, news articles and images of the peace movement of the 60's. Not specific to the United States, includes British influence.

Industrial Revolution - The History Channel

Britain - the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, inventions, communications, transportation and other changes that spread along with the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Revolution - How Stuff Works

Background information on how the Industrial Revolution brought rise to labor unions and how the factory system evolved. Explains how iron and coal contributed to the Industrial Revolution, how it spread to other countries and the political and social changes that accompanied it.