Links Cheat Sheet

In order to create a link to something, you need to know its address:

Everything on the web has an address- web pages, images, documents, sounds, everything. Earlier, we attached a file called UberBob.pdf to our web page and we checked the "List" box so the attachment would be listed at the bottom of the page like this:

The website automatically creates a link to your attachment at the bottom of the page, but there's another way. You can create links to them wherever you want. First, uncheck the "List" box and your attachment will not be shown at the bottom of the page (it's still there, just not showing).

Suppose we want the web page to say "Click here to see the attachment", we can do that. Links look like this:

<a href=Link_Address_Goes_Here > Clickable_Text_Goes_Here </a>

Click "Save" and that's it!