CMS Online Research Tools



  • Information Please Almanac  A wonderful source that combines an almanac, dictionary, and encyclopedia. It includes biographies of the United States Presidents. This page allows you to search through the entire archive of the site. Every day there is an interesting link to events in the past from primary source materials in the Library of Congress.
  • Today In History



Field Guide

    • Animal Diversity Web
    •   A wonderful place to find online field guides for amphibians, birds, fishes, mammals, seashells, and more.
    • Insectclopedia    Species identification, research and resources and bug associations.
    • US Fish and Wildlife Service   Links to species identification information, endangered species list, fisheries, habitat information and more.
    • US Geological Survey  Checklist of amphibian species and identification guide: An online guide for the identification of amphibians in North America north of Mexico.
    • MarLIN - The Marine Life Information Network Open the website, click "search" and type the name of the sea plant or creature you are researching. 



Primary Source Materials

  • American Journeys   This site focuses on the exploration period. It has a search engine for images. Under a link for "Historical Highlights" you can find a timeline of exploration. Reading levels will be high for younger students.
  • American Memory  This is a wonderful collection from the Library of Congress. Follow "The Learning Page" link for information on how teachers can best utilize primary source documents in the classroom. Resources available on this site include: manuscripts, texts, sheet music, maps, motion pictures, photos, prints, and sound recordings.
  • Our Documents This site includes access to the 100 most important documents from the beginning of the history of the United States until the Civil Rights Act. Documents are available in their original form with transcriptions available to assist with earlier documents that are hand written. There are links available for documents related to the one you are working on. Some documents have lesson plans that include links to standards, timelines, and a bibliography.
  • Analysis Tools for Primary Source Documents    These worksheets will be very helpful as you work with primary sources.
  • Providence Library Rhode Island Collection Check out these images from the past in Rhode Island.
  • Smithsonian Education   This page offers a search engine for resources for teachers on the Smithsonian site. There are lesson plans and recommended websites available.