Ancient Egypt


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Egypt Artifacts

Egypt Information

  • Ancient EgyptFacts on daily life, religion, pharaohs, and the Sphinx can be found at this site
  • Ancient EgyptA great resource with information on writing, mummification, gods and goddesses, pharaohs, pyramids, trades, and more.
  • Ancient Egypt - WebquestA wonderful interactive site for students to learn about Ancient Egyptian daily life, mummies, hieroglyphics, King Tut (Tutankhamen), Egyptian games, and archeology.
  • Cleopatra: A Multimedia Guide to the Ancient WorldAn interactive guide to the Ancient Art Collection of The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Daily Life in Ancient EgyptAn introduction to daily life, tall tales, and tombs.
  • Egyptology OnlineEverything you need to know about Egypt and more! Gods and Goddesses, pyramids, religion, hieroglyphs, egytologists, life in Egypt and Coptic Egypt
  • Egyptians HistoryThis site provided by the BBC provides articles about building the great pyramid, deciphering hieroglyphs, the Nile, and an Egyptian history timeline
  • The Inside Story: PyramidsSponsored by PBS, this site examines important pyramids and excavations
  • Mummies of Ancient EgyptFind information on what mummies are and how they are made
  • Neferti - the Mummy ResurrectedEssays about Neferti, her life, a tour of the Valley of Kings, and a 3-D view of the mummy Egyptologists believe is Neferti.

Cities in Egypt