Ancient India

Kidipede-History for Kids-Ancient India
This site offers links to lots of information on: history, religion, clothing, games, literature, food, people, art, science and architecture.

Wikipedia - History of India -Higher Reading Level
Extensive history of India with links to many areas of interest.

Indus Valley
Around five thousand years ago, an important civilization developed on the Indus River floodplain. From about 2600 B.C. to 1700 B.C., a vast number of settlements were built on the banks of the Indus River and surrounding areas. Now you can explore this ancient land. At this site, you will be able to look at the story of this land, look at the kinds of pottery this civilization produced, test your knowledge, and much more.

The Ancient Indus Valley
The Indus Valley Civilization was one of the world's first great urban civilizations. It flourished in the vast river plains and adjacent regions in what are now Pakistan and western India. The earliest cities became integrated into an extensive urban culture around 4,600 years ago and continued to dominate the region for at least 700 years, from 2600 to 1900 B.C. Now you can explore the civilization yourself, take a look at how the city of Harappa looked in 3-D, then explore the many pictures of the excavations that took place there while learning interesting facts about this civilization.

Ancient India: Early Hinduism
Here you can read about the development of Hinduism in India. Then you can read a story related to a Hindu god, learn about the gods in the Hindu pantheon (group of gods), and try your hand at figuring out the ten names of Vishnu—one of Hinduism’s major gods.

Daily Life in Ancient IndiaWhat did the ancient Indians wear? What did they eat? Did kids play with toys? Did they go to school? This site shares daily life in three major time periods of ancient India history; the mysterious and so cool Indus Valley Civilization, the Vedic & Epics Periods, and the Age of Empires.

Ancient India: Interactive Indian History TimelineThis cool timeline provides information in a few different formats. First, scroll down the page to read about many different events in Indian history. Then click on the drop down menu at the top of the page to see timelines related specifically to different aspects of Indian culture, including the Indus Valley Civilization, religions and writing. Check out each one to see which events played roles in different aspects of Indian culture.

Ancient IndiaThis middle school site offers links to information on history, religions, wars, art, people, daily life, literature, math and science and more. Examine sources of information carefully and evaluate for accuracy.

CyberSleuthKids - Ancient India
There are many links on this page to information on the history of India.

Ms. Hos-McGrane's Social Studies Class - Ancient India
This page has some links at the beginning that don't work. Examine sources of information carefully and evaluate for accuracy.

Ancient Indus
This site explores daily life during three periods of India's history.

Timeline of India
A brief timeline that has many links that do not work.

History of India
Highlights important events with links to wars, biographies, religion, and prime ministers.

Ancient India
A great site from the British Broadcasting Company with many resources about India.