Biomes and Habitats

GREAT SOURCE - Blue Planet - World Biomes-
Learn more about the biomes of the world through this website.

GREAT SOURCE -Kids Do Ecology - List of Biomes -
Great information on taiga, tundra, temperate forest, desert, and grassland. This site provides information on location, weather, plants, animals and people of the biome.

GREAT SOURCE - Missouri Botanical Garden -
Explore the rainforest, tundra, taiga, desert, temperate and grasslands biomes. Includes information about animal and plant adaptation.

Biomes of the World -
This is a good site with links to biomes of the world including: Arctic and Alpine Tundra, Taiga, Deciduous Forest, Grassland, and Desert. Information on plant and animal adaptations can be found here.

Boreal Forest Region: Alberta, Canada(Taiga) -
This page has information on endangered plants and animals in this region. Environmental issues are also discussed.

NRDC:The Boreal Forest: Earth's Green Crown -
To follow the links on the Boreal Forest go to the "next page" at the end of each page.

Enchanted Learning Habitats and Biomes -
Features information on the animals of particular biomes.

Taiga or Boreal Forest -
This site has facts on flora and fauna with plant adaptations mentioned.

The Temperate Broadleaf Deciduous Forest -
Climate and flora and fauna of the biome are presented.

The Tundra -
This resource describes adaptations to the biome in detail for fauna and limited detail for flora.

Middle Arctic Tundra -
This site provides information on flora and fauna as well as, environmental issues in the Northwest Territories.

Endangered Animals-
Find out if the animal or plant you are studying is endangered.

Food Chains -
Many links to information on food chains in different biomes.



Field Guide to the Prairie -
Information about prairie grass, insects, mammals and birds.

Animal Diversity Web -
Collection of information and pictures about animals. Search for individual species to find information and images.
A wonderful place to find online field guides for amphibians, birds, fishes, mammals, seashells, and more.

Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses -
Over 1400 wildflowers and grasses identified here. Click on the picture of the grass or flower to learn more about the plant.

Wildflowers in Bloom -
Search the list of wildflowers, click on the name and see a picture of the plant in its' seedling stage, a map of the U. S. showing their distribution range, and other useful information regarding planting and growing the wildflowers.