Countries, Provinces, and Territories


BBC Country Profiles -

Country Reportsa great source for finding top-line information about just about every country in the world, including culture, geography, economy, political system, news, maps, and more.

InfoPlease -
This site provides info on: Geography · Maps · Flag · History · Current ruler · Area · Population · Capital · Largest cities · Languages · Ethnicity/race · Religion · Literacy rate · Economy · Government for each country.

The World Factbook -
This site provides maps and flags as well as, facts on: geography (includes longitude and latitude), people, government, and economy.

Canadian Provinces and Territories - by the Canadian government, includes information about the provinces and territories.

Countries A to Z Atlapedia Online -
Features physical and political maps as well as, information on location (no longitude or latitude), climate, people, religion, language, history, currency, and economy.

Countries and Their Culture -
Check out this site for information on gender roles, family, food, religion and more. This is a higher reading level site.

CyberSleuthKids Geography - Search by continent or country. Information on culture, history, and places of interest.

The Gumbo Pages - A Culinary World Tour- Recipes from around the world.

Holidays and Observances Around the World -
This site can be searched by country to identify holidays that are clebrated.

Maps.Com- Investigate the "Explore with Maps" link to find an online atlas with political and topographic maps.

Nation Information- Nationmaster allows you to compare statistics (provided by the CIA World Handbook) between nations. Click on the menu to specify what statistics you wish to compare. This site also contains nation profiles and country flags.

Columbus Guides - This site can be searched by continent or country. Information on geography, language, and religion. There are links to information on regions and cities as well as, social profiles that cover holidays, food, and drink.

Lonely Planet - This site can be used to identify tourist attractions in different countries.

World Bank- Search data by country to find out about general income level, GDP, population, school enrollment, CO2 emissions, and life expectancy at birth.

National Geographic - Countries A-Z This site includes a map and information about travel and wildlife in the country.

The Economist - Countries - This site provides a map and information on economic growth use the pull down menu on the summary tab to identify basic country informaiton like land area, population, big cities, weather, language and currency. 

Sites with Embassy Contact Information

Embassy Row -
A directory of embassy contact information is provided on this page.
A great place to find contact informaton for embassies.