What's It Like in the Desert? -
Explore graphs of desert rainfall, weather, and geographical features. Students will also learn about different types of deserts, visiting both hot and cold deserts around the world to compare their characteristics. Further explorations consider the special plants and animals of desert habitats.

Deserts of the American Southwest -
Extensive resources are available at this site for investigations into the American southwest deserts. Also learn about Native American groups who have developed thriving cultures in desert environments.

Deserts -
Check out these animals and animal adaptations. Click on the link below "plants" to find the same information on plants.

Principal Deserts of the World -
Create a desert habitat for a museum while taking on roles of horticulturalists, zoologists, and anthropologists. Several online resources will serve to compare and contrast desert habitats around the world.

Desert Survival Primer - 
Learn all about the different requirements for desert survival--in clothing, water needs, shelter, and food. Desert regions, animals, and camouflage are also covered.