Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes


Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Tsunamis Earthquakes California San Adreas Fault Line -
Relive the moments when the Loma Prieta quake strikes. Learn about the latest advances in seismic science and new building techniques to protect structures.

Earthquakes -
This site by the British Geological Society provides a link to "frequently asked questions" with answers and many Internet links.

Every Place Has Its Faults -
Information is provided on the four basic types of faults.

National Earthquake Information Center
This site features facts about the largest earthquakes in the world and United States.

Earthquake Hazards Program -
This website contains vital information about earthquake news and highlights. Sponsored by the US Geological Survey.

Scholastic Archives - Earthquake Question and Answer -
Learn everything from how earthquakes occur to what is the difference between an earthquake and aftershocks, and ways to warn people when an earthquake is occurring.

Where do Earthquakes Occur? -
Learn about the three types of plate boundaries and where earthquakes appear.



Volcanoes Cascades Volcano Observatory -
Information is provided on volcanoes around the world.

Volcano World -
A wonderful site you can search by region, volcano name, and country. Many links include "Ask a Volcanologist" and "Mt. St. Helens".

Tsunamis/Tidal Waves

Tsunamis / Tidal Waves Tsunamis - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association -

Tsunami - Earth and Space Sciences - University of Washington -

Tidal Wave Thinkquest -

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Earthquakes and Volcano Information Earthforce -
Follow the links for information and related sites on earthquakes and volcanoes.

Earthquake and Volcano Resources -
Click on "reference materials" to be connected to earthquake information sponsored by the U.S. government. ">Earthquakes and Volcanoes -
Why do earthquakes happen? Where do they occur? This website helps answer those questions.

Plate Tectonics

What On Earth is Plate Tectonics? -
Created by the US Geological Survey National Park Service, this website provides information about the earth's core and how plates move.

How Plates Move-
Click on the buttons after reading the descriptions to learn how plates move. Sponsored by Volcano World, University of South Dakota.

Picture of the World Map -
Posted by the National Geographic Xpeditions Team.

Deep Sea Vents and Mariana Trench

Deep Sea Vents and Mariana Trench HydroThermal Vents - Sponsored by the University of Delaware, this site explores geysers on the ocean floor.

National Geographic Deep Sea Vents -
Science at the extreme - learn about deep sea vents. The Mariana Trench - Everything you need to know about the Mariana Trench.