Energy and Electricity

Electricity Connect: Materials for Students and Teachers -
This site recommended by Mrs. Sullivan's class at Pathway to Empowerment is a real winner!  It has many links to lessons, web quests, and activities.

Energy Information Administration website -
Click on "What is Energy" to get to the resources you need.

Energy Quest -
"The Energy Story" features an introduction to the topic of energy as well as links to information on geothermal energy, nuclear power, hydro power, fossil fuels, wind energy, biomass energy, and solar energy. Many games are available on energy as well as information on conservation.

The Atom's Family -
A wonderful site with links to information on energy conservation, properties of light, electricity, and principles of atoms and matter.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network Kids Stuff -
Renewable energy resources and links.

BrainPop -
Many mini movies are available with pop quizzes on science, health, and technology topics. Follow the "Science Movies" link to information on energy. -

Theater of Electricity -
This site features many resources on electricity including information on sparks, and lightening, and teacher resources that includes information on static electricity.

United States Department of Energy -

The Virtual Nuclear Tourist -
Many links featuring a comparison of energy sources, as well as, nuclear plant construction and the effects of nuclear power.

What is Static Electricity? -
An introduction to static electricity that includes projects.

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits -
This exciting and interactive site, consisting of games, activities, information, and quizzes, is all about electric circuits. You'll learn what makes circuits work, and about conductors versus insulators, switches, changing circuits, and circuit diagrams. Science is fun with these hands-on activities.