French Revolution

Napolean -
Napolean Bonaparte’s rise from obscurity to become Emperor of France is one of history’s greatest stories of determination and will. Meet this fascinating man and follow along on the interactive timeline as you explore his life and times. Discover his greatest love affair; explore French politics, and study Napoleon's wartime tactics. Watch video clips of re-enactments of Napoleon's greatest battles. Think you could have outmaneuvered the Allied forces at Waterloo? Play the Waterloo Interactive Battle Simulator and find out!

Imaging the French Revolution -
In essays, seven scholars analyze forty-two images of crowds and crowd violence in the French Revolution. Offering the most relevant examples and comments from an on-line forum, those same scholars consider issues of interpretation, methodology, and the impact of digital media on scholarship. Visitors to the site are given access to the same archive as the scholars and an “Image Tool” that permits close study of the images. Each image is linked to the various places throughout the site where scholars discuss it.

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" Class Struggles Of The French Revolution -
Imagine yourself as a peasant, aristocrat, artist, philosopher, or a member of the clergy during the French Revolution. After the fall of the Bastille your life has turned upside down: the rich are being persecuted while the poor flood the streets to fight for liberty, equality and fraternity. Find out how each of these classes of people was effected by the revolution by working as a group to develop a peace plan.

Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution -
You may have heard that Marie Antoinette, when told that the French peasantry had no bread, replied, “Let them eat cake,” but what else do you know about one of France’s most infamous queens? Explore her life and times with an interactive timeline. Next, discover what life in the 18th century was really like for France’s royalty and get the scoop on all the main players on both sides of the revolution. Think you’ve got all the facts? Take the quiz and find out!