Aztec, Incan, and Mayan Civilizations

The Aztecs

The Aztecs/Mexicas -
This site has basic information on Aztec history and culture and links to poems, images, and additional cultural information.

The Aztecs -
A basic introduction to Aztec history, religion, daily life, and writing is provided at this site.

The Incas

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu -
Check out the images of the ruins and the countryside of the Incas.

About Peru History - Inca Art -
A brief description of Incan art is avialble on this site.

Ice Treasures of the Inca -
A wonderful site with maps, journals, and images that make you feel like your part of the expedition.

Inca Civilization -
Lots of information including location, geography, society, religion, music, and more.

About Peru History - Inca Civilizaton -
Brief description of Inca civilization can be found here.

The Mayan

The Mayas -
This page has links to government, music, myths, daily life, geography, and more.

Belize Virtual Guide - Mayan Civilization -
A page with links discussing Mayan history as it relates to sites in Belize. -
Very detailed

The Maya Civilization
Links are provided for maps, mayan cities, timeline, numbers and calendar.

Mayan Kids.Com -
This site has information on the history with a timeline.

XOCATL (Chocolate) - Aztecs, Mayans, Central American Tribes -
Information on Mayan trading and recipes for hot chocolate and mole.