American Museum of Natural History-Albert Einstein
Some of the topics covered on this site include biographical information, light, gravity , energy, and peace and war.

The history of invention An invention timeline is provided with key inventions from pottery to the DVD.

Eureka - Inventions, Discoveries, and Innovations -
Interact with inventions that have transformed the way we live. Students can browse through the multimedia gallery of innovations, use the geographic atlas of inventions for research, or invent on their own.

KidsClick!-Inventions -
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History Wired: A Few of Our Favorite Things-
History Wired gives access to more than three million objects contained in the National Museum of American History, Behring Center. The items presented are an eclectic collection, including inventions for the home, transportation, clothing, sports, computers and more! Each has a unique and interesting story to tell. National

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Zoom Inventors and Inventions -
Can be searched by subject or inventor.