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Masks of the World -
Pictures of masks from world cultures.

Masks and More Masks -
History and descriptions of African, Asian, Greek, Italian, Samuari and European masks.

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African Masks and Meaning -
Pictures, descriptions and meanings of African masks.

Meanings of masks African Masks Exhibit - Brooklyn Children's Museum Collection Africa for Kids -
Click on Make a Mask for history, pictures and information about masks in Africa.

National Museum of African Art -
Look at thousands of pieces of African artwork throughout history that is organized into specific categories and exhibits.

Information about  African masks with examples.

Asia - China and Japan

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Egyptian Masks -

Egyptian Masks -


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The History of Halloween -


   History of Venetian Carnival Masks -

Mask Italia -
Examples and history of Italian masks are available on this site.



Masks of Mexico -
History, descriptions and pictures of masks from Mexico.

Native American, Incan and Mayan Arctic Studies -
Learn about the history and masks created by people of the northern continent.

Native American Masks -
Pictures and the history of masks within Native American tribes.

Native American Masks -
Pictures of masks - NO HISTORY PROVIDED

Sheldon Jackson Museum -
Enter MASKS into the search form to see the collection of Eskimo masks. The Sheldon Jackson Museum is the oldest museum in Alaska, and among its best-known pieces are totems, Eskimo masks, Tlingit, Eskimo, Aleut and Athabaskan baskets, jewelry, toys, and traditional clothing.