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Basketball Interactive -
Select a math topic from the list, then answer BasketMath's questions for feedback. Answer incorrrectly, and it shows the correct answer; answer correctly, and it runs an animation of a basketball player shooting hoops. Each question is created randomly with variability.

Brainormous -
Multiflyer is a fun online game developed to help anyone who is learning multiplication tables. It takes place in space and even sprinkles in learning about the planets. You can play it online, or register and receive a full downloadable version as well as downloadable interactive support tools. The game lets you figure out the answers, or you can turn off the table and wing it on your own. Simple, fun diversion to help reinforce multiplication skills. More games and activities have been added to this site that allow you to practice division, additon, and stubtractions skills as well.

Click on Bricks -
Click on Bricks lets students use Lego blocks as manipulatives to learn multiplication facts 1 to 4. There’s an instruction page on the theory behind this skill, problems to complete, and a printable multiplication table.

Geometry Games and Resources Online-
Check out all these interactive games and resources for geometry. 

Geometry Terms and Definitions -
This page has definitions with diagrams to help explain geometry terms.

Get Smarter Math_Stage 2 -
A nice selection or interactive math activities.

Global Classroom -
Interactive Activities in Math gives kids practice using pattern blocks, integer bars, and base-10 blocks to reinforce understanding of perimeter, area, division, and geometry.

Great for visual learners. Graphing -
“M&M’s” Candies, Line Plots, and Graphing is a lesson plan designed to get students practicing estimation, sorting, counting, graphing, plotting, fractions, percentage, and calculating mean, median, and mode.

Interactive Games for Multiplication Practice -

Math Challenge - Math Mystery Daily Brains
Put on your thinking caps and then visit this online math challenge site, where a new word problem needs to be solved each day.

MathSlice -
Math jeopardy, money worksheets, time worksheets and more. Mighty Math Club -
A website for kids that's devoted to math fun and learning

National Library of Virtual Mathematics -
The National Library of Virtual Mathematics, with K-12 activities in operations, geometry, algebra, measurement, data analysis, and probability.

Primary Grades Activities-
Primary-grades activities and quizzes to help reinforce concepts about addition and money; the activities give immediate feedback and allow kids to keep trying until they get the right answer.

Revise Wide Maths -
ReviseWide Maths is a British website that has activity pages, fact sheets, worksheets, and quizzes in numbers, data handling, shape, space, and measure, mental maths, and games.

Speed Math -
SpeedMath Deluxe from Jefferson Lab challenges kids to take four digits and quickly create an equation using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Upper Grade Math Activities -
Upper-grade activities in math, including fast arithmetic tips, card magic, and the Taylor series for cosine.

Who Wants Pizza? -
Who Wants Pizza? provides a fun way to learn about fractions – instruction, practice, and immediate feedback, also teachers’ notes.

Word Problems for Kids -
Word Problems for Kids for grades 5-12, a more traditional approach to improving problem-solving skills.

8th grade math topics-

Using a Protractor:

Slides Flips Turns -

Practice angle measurements -
Using a Protractor.

How to make and measure an angle -

Using a protractor to measure -


AAA Math -
Explanations for hundreds of math skills with interactive practice pages

Ask Dr. Math-
An archive of math questions submitted by students and answered by Dr. Math

BasketMath -
Basketball-themed game that tests math for grades 4 through 10

Create A Graph -
An online tool for creating bar, line, pie, and x-y graphs

Fraction Fun -
Fun interactive animations on the basics of fractions

Free Geometry Tutorials, Problems and Interactive Applets -
Many resources are available off this page to help with learning geometry.

Lines, numbers, curves, and solids. Sanders' love of geometry comes through on these additional pages.

Hot Math-
This site provides step by step tutorials to odd numbered problems in math texts of many publishers.

MathWorld -
A comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia.

Numerical Mathematical Utilities -
Several numerical mathematical utilities. For example, utilities for solving the Quadratic, Cubic, and Quartic Equations; solving N Equations in N Unknowns; Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors; and more.

ON-Math - Online Journal of Mathematics -

June Lester has developed a simple tangram-type learning widget, accompanied by nine questions, to help students understand Pythagoras' theorem. Pythagorgrams require a Flash 6 plug-in.

Seeing Math-
Seeing Math has developed interactive software Java tools to clarify key mathematical ideas in middle and high school mathematics. Each interactive provides a real-time connection between representations of the mathematics (symbolic, graphical, etc.), so that changes in one representation instantly cause changes in the other.

Online tuturials covering algebra that include definitions, formulas, illustrations and step-by-step examples.


Factoring with Mr. Yang and Mosley the alien -
A comics based lesson for Algebra students.

National Library of Virtual Mathematics -
The National Library of Virtual Mathematics, with K-12 activities in operations, geometry, algebra, measurement, data analysis, and probability.

Online algebra resource.