Musical Instruments

Yahooligans! Brass and Wind Instruments -
Links to pictures and sounds and information on many instruments when you scroll down.

Double Reed Instruments -
This site features information on the oboe, double reed, bassoon, and contrabassoon.

Homemade Instruments - drumdrum
Instructions for simple instruments you can make at home.

Instrument Encyclopedia -
The reading level is high on this site, if you browse by "general reference" you can find information on the history and construction of many instruments.

Music and Musicians- Instruments- String Family -
A brief description of the violin, viola, cello, double bass and harp are available here.

Music and Musicians - Instruments - Percussion Family -
Facts about Percussion instruments are on this page.

Music and Musicians - Instruments - Brass Family -
A brief description of brass instuments can be found here.

Music and Musicians - Instruments - Woodwinds Family-
A short description of woodwind instruments is on this site.

Musical Craft Projects -
Check out all the home made musical instruments.

Listen by Instrument -
 Hear how each instrument sounds.