Myths and Constellations

Alphabetical Listing of Constellations -
A listing of constellations with links to information about them.

Chandra Observatory -
This site provides information about the constellation myths from other cultures.

The Constellations -
Information provided includes: star map, major stars, description, and mythology.

The Constellations and their Stars -
This site includes a "frequently asked questions" section and links to additional sites that include myths of Greeks and Romans regarding stars.

Constellation Mythology -
Eighty-eight constellations and their myths.

The Mythology of Constellations -
Information is provided on Greek and Roman mythology.

Stories Behind the Constellations -
Find numerous world legends about your myth.

Windows to the Universe -
Enter the site and then click on the link for "myths" and follow the link to constellations. Native American, Hindu, and Greek myths can be found on this page.