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Calorie Information - Conditioning

Calories Burned per minute for Various Activities -
Lots of different activities are listed with the calories burned per minute depending on weight.

Calories Burned during Exercise -
A large chart is provided with activities and weight to determine calories burned.

Conditioning -
This is a good place to get information on physical fitness.


Diseases - Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa -
This web page had a definition and symptoms of this eating disorder.

Bulimia Nervosa -
This site offers a definition and symptoms of this eating disorder.


The Food Guide Pyramid

The Food Guide Pyramid -
This easy to understand guide to the Food Pyramid is available on this page. -
Follow links to MyPyramid Plan to develop a personalized pyramid to suit your own individual needs.

MyPyramid-Interactive Pyramid -
This is an interactive guide to the Food Pyramid.

Nutrient -
This Wikipedia article provides a definition and examples of nutrients.

Nutrients and Foods -
Check out this page to find basic information on nutrients.

Nutrients -
On this page you will find a definition of nutrients as well as examples of each type.

Mission Nutrition
This interactive game will test your knowledge of basic nutrition.

Are You Physically Fit? -
This page offers a good definition of physical fitness.


Fast Food Information

Survey Links Fast Food, Poor Nutrition Among U.S. Children -
Check out what happens when children eat too much fast food.

American Children Eating Fast Food Leads to Health Problems -
Find out about the affects of eating too much fast food.

Junk Food Quiz -
Check out the quiz on this page if you finish your work early.