Revolutionary War

5GA Webquest -

Liberty! Road to the Revolution -
Documents and research complement this online, interactive exhibit, with selections from primary documents and the periodicals of the time included.

American Revolution Timeline -
The American Revolution, also called the Revolutionary War, was a major event in our history. Here you can easily learn some valuable facts about this important war.

Revolution and the New Nation -
How much do you know about the American Revolution? Which presidents were in office during the Revolution? Visit this website to find information about the culture and history of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary Period (1764-1789) -
Do you want to know more about the Revolutionary war? Discover the laws that were imposed on American settlers by the British, and why they caused the Revolutionary war. Also read about acts of rebellion by the Americans, such as the Boston Tea Party, their stance against taxation, the Declaration of Independence, and much more!

Little Known Facts about the American Revolutionary War-
Did you know that there were two Boston Tea Parties? If not, this is the site for you! These and ten additional little-known facts are for those who thought they knew everything about the Revolutionary War.

Sons of Liberty -
The Sons of Liberty was a secret organization that formed in response to the Stamp Act, imposed on the colonies by the British government to help pay for their military. This website will give you some information on the Sons of Liberty, click on any underlined word for more information.

Spy Letters of the American Revolution -
During the Revolutionary War, British and colonial soldiers frequently intercepted enemy mail, so the combatants used various ways of disguising messages that traveled across enemy lines. Investigate some of those methods at Spy Letters of the American Revolution. See actual samples of letters written during the American Revolution. Also, learn about the people who wrote them and their stories!

The Patriot Resource -
This site provides links to biographical information on famous people from this era.

Yahooligans - Revolutionary War Biographies
Search results are provided from this search engine.

Yahooligans- Revolutionary War Battles
Search results are featured from Yahooligans on Revolutionary War Battles.

Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention -
The Library of Congress presents primary documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, which should be especially useful for any student researching the history of early America.

Austin Dabney -
Austin Dabney was a slave who became a private in the Georgia military and fought against the British during the Revolutionary War. He was the only African American to be given land by the state of Georgia as a reward for his bravery and service during the war, and he was one of a select few to receive a federal military pension.This website offers tons of additional interesting information about Dabney.

Battle of Saratoga-
When nearly 6000 British soldiers surrendered to Col. Daniel Morgan on October 17, 1777, the course of American and world history changed. The success of the Battle or Saratoga influenced France’s decision to ally with the brand new nation of United States and ensured eventual victory for the Continental Army. This National Park Services website details the events leading up to and following this extraordinarily important event in American history.

Revolutionary War Virtual Battlefield Tours -
Take a virtual tour through the battlefields of the American Revolution. Read about the battles that took place at each one and view pictures of what the battlefields look like today.

The Virtual American Revolution -
This virtual tour will allow you to look at 360-degree panoramic photographs of different battle locations of the American Revolution. Read through the paragraph on top; it will explain how to navigate through this field trip.

Virtual Marching Tour of The American Revolution -
Take this virtual "marching tour" of the American Revolution. You'll see many important landmarks from the war along your way. Click on each name to see more.

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere -
Read this poem, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, about Paul Revere's famous ride. Compare it to what you already know about his ride and then do more research about parts you may want to learn more about!

Scavenger Hunt -
Test your knowledge of the Revolutionary War by completing this scavenger hunt.

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