Salem Witch Trials

A Map of Salem, Massachusetts:

Salem Map:

Biographies of Individual Involved in the Trials:

Biographies of Key Figures in The Salem Witch Trials:
On this site you will find information on: Cotton and Increase Mather, Samuel Parris,Tituba,Bridget Bishop, George Burroughs, Giles Cory, Mary Easty, Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, John Proctor,Philip and Mary English, Deliverance Hobbs,Ann Putnum, John Hathorne, Samuel Sewall, William Stoughton, William Phips.

Important People in Salem Court Recotds:
Limited information is available on key figures in the Salem witch trials.

Victims of the Salem Witch Trials -
Information is provided on Bridget Bishop,Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse,George Burroughs,Martha Carrier,John Proctor,Giles Corey,Matha Corey, Mary Easty,and Lydia Dustin.

Susanna Martin - Salem Witch Trial-
This page is devoted to research related to Susanna Martin and her trial.

A brief biography of Tituba with information on her role in the Salem Witch Trials.

Puritan Life:

Puritan Life:
This site descripes what Purtian Life was like.

Life in Salem 1692:
This page defines what a Puritan was and how they lived in Salem.

Causes of the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria:

Causes for the Outbreak of  Witchcraft Hysteria in Salem:
A list of potential influences of hysteria are provided on this site.

Salem Witch Trials - Mass Hysteria or Mass LSD trip? :
This site discusses the role that ergot poisoining may have played in the witchcraft hysteria.

Witch Cake:

Witch Cake or Witch's Cake:
A defintion of witch cake and its use is found on this page.

On this page is a description of witch cake and how it was used.
A Witch Cake Baked in  Salem:
This web page has a description of witch cake and what it was used for.


Procedures Used in Salem Witch Trials:

Procedure Used in Salem Witch Trials:The basic steps are outlined for legal procedures for witch trials.

Massachusetts Legends: Procedures, Courts & Aftermath of Salem Witch Trials:
A detailed description of the procedures and evidence is provided at this site.

Salem Witch Trials -
Origins and legal procedures for the trials is covered on this page.

Punishment for Witches in Salem:

About Punishments for Witches in Salem:
This site explains how witches were punished and where the trials were held.

General Sites:

The Salem Witchcraft Trials 1692
This site contains links to chronology, images, evidence and more.

The Witchcraft Trials in Salem:  A Commentary;
This page describes the main events and persons involved in the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692:
This site sponsored by the Salem Witch Museum has links to FAQ.

The Salem Witch Trials:
There is information on the causes, events, and victims on this page.

Salem Witch Trials Timeline:
 On these pages there are many links to information in the timeline.