Scientific Revolution

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Influential Individuals - In Alphabetical Order

Tycho Brahe-Danish Astronomer -
This site provides facts about his life and achievements.

The Galileo Project - Tycho Brahe-
On this site you will find information about Tycho Brahe's discoveries and contributions to astronomy.

Tycho Brahe - Higher Reading Level -
A short biography with information about Tycho's contributions to astronomy is available on this site. Follow the link for "range of instruments" in the text to find out more about the instruments Tycho invented.

Robert Boyle-Wolfram Research - Higher Reading Level-
This is a very brief biography on Robert Boyle.

Robert Boyle-Mighty Chemist -
This provides a lot of information on Robert Boyle but is more difficult to read.

Robert -
A short paragraph on Robert Boyle and his contributions to science.

Robert Boyle Higher Reading Level-
A longer but somewhat difficult to read biography of Robert Boyle.

Nicolas Copernicus -
This page offers a biography of Nicolas Copernicus.

Nicolas Copernicus -
This site provides information on Copernicus' contributions to science.

Nicolas Copernicus -
A brief biography of Copernicus is available on this site.

Nicolas Copernicus -
A very short explanation of Copernicus theory is provided on this page.

Rene Descartes - biography -
A brief biography of Descartes can be found at this site.

Rene Descartes -
A short biography with explanation of Descartes contributions is on this page.

Rene Descartes Biography -
This site explains Rene Descartes contributions to philosophy.

Rene -
On this site there is information about Descartes theories. Harvey -
A very brief description of Harvey's accomplishments can be found on this page.

Harvey, William -
Two short paragraphs that tell about Harvey's discoveries are available on this page.

William Harvey -
A brief biography of William Harvey is available on this site.

Encyclopedia of World Biography - William Harvey -
Lots of information of Harvey's discoveries is available here.

Kepler, Johannes:
Two brief paragraphs about Kepler's discoveries are available here.

Johannes Kepler Higher Reading Level:
A detailed biography that may be a little difficult to understand as it explores his contributions.

Brief Biography of Johannes Kepler - Higher Reading Level:
This biography provides a lot of facts but may be difficult reading at times for some students.

Antony van Leeuwenhoek -
A detailed biography of Leeuwenhoek and his discoveries can be found on this site.

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek -
A brief biography about Leeuwenhoek's contributions to science is available at this site.

Isaac Newton -
A brief biography of Newton that highlights his discoveries.

Isaac Newton - Higher Reading Level -
A biography of Isaac Newton that contains detailed explanations of his work.

Isaac Newton -
A lengthy biography on Newton's life and discoveries.

Newton, Isaac - Higher Reading Level -
A brief but detailed account of Newton's discoveries.

Isaac Newton Biography -
A lengthy biography on Newton is available at this site.

Andreas Vesalius - A biography - Higher Reading Level -
At this site you can find a biography of Vesalius and information on his work. - Andreas Vesalius-
A paragraph highlighting Vesalius' major contribution.

Biography - Andreas Vesalius -
A detailed biography of Vesalius' life and discoveries.

Andreas Vesalius Biography - Higher Reading Level-
A biography of Vesalius that highlights his work.

Andreas Vesalius -
A brief biography of Vesalius that highlights his major achievements.