Simple Machines

Inventors Toolbox - The Elements of Machines - EASIER READING
Provides descriptions of each simple machine.

Simple Machines Glossary Page - EASIER READING
Descriptions and examples of each simple machine.

Franklin Institute - Simple Machines -
Descriptions and examples of each simple machine.

The Way Things Move -
This web page is a great resource for anyone investigating the way things move. This site investigates the way animals and plants move and also how things move in physics.

The World of Simple Machines -
Explore the tools people have developed to make work easier. From the lever to the pulley, there are many "simple machines" that have been created to make different types of work easier and more bearable. Learn about these simple machines on this website! Read the welcome note, then click on the simple machine you want to learn about in the grey column. Be sure to check out the activities that are available and the "Related Web Sites" that are located at the bottom of the column.

Work and Simple Machines -
Do you know the definition of work? Follow the PowerPoint presentation to learn more about work and the six simple machines. You might be surprised when you learn the scientific definition of work!

Pieces of Science - Simple Machines - HARDER READING
Scroll through the website by clicking "NEXT" to learn more about each simple machine. A few descriptions provide links to demonstrations on how each machine works.

DirtMeister Science Reports - HARDER READING -
Provides more in-depth reading on the types of simple machines.

Simple Machine -
You might never have thought of the lid on your toilet as a machine, but this site shows how simple mechanical devices dominate our everyday life. By inspecting items in a home, garage, and tool shed, visitors discover levers, gears, axles, inclined planes and other simple mechanics. Which simple principle is behind the lid of your toilet? You'll need the free Flash player.

Simple Machines Web Quest -
This WebQuest will help you understand simple machines. It will also help you find simple machines in compound machines! Remember, a compound machine is 2 or more simple machines that work together! Let’s learn more so you can invent your own machine!

Simple Machines Web Quest -
In this WebQuest you will research and identify examples of six different simple machines that we use everyday.  You and your partner(s) will work together to:

(1) Complete a chart which includes the six different types of simple machines, what it does, and examples of how we use this kind of simple machine today.

(2) Use this information to create a new compound machine that would be helpful to you. You will create a model of this machine

(3) Create a poster to market your compound machine to your classmates. This poster should have a model of your machine and focus on the usefulness of your machine.

Stuart Little and Simple Machines -
Stuart Little noticed the mailman dropping off a package on the front porch. He thinks it may be a birthday present for him and is worried it may rain. How can Stuart get the package into the Littles' living room? Build a machine to help Stuart out by learning about simple machines. Describe the different types of simple machines, then put some together to make one that will help Stuart.