South America /Caribbean Islands Culture

Cultural Profiles Project-
Cultural profiles include family life, food, holidays, arts & leisure, spirituality, and more.

Yahooligans Directory: Cultures -
Links to sites by culture and other Internet resources.

Getting Through Customs -
Investigate the holidays, cognitive style, business practices, of countries throughout the world.

Country Studies -
This is a higher reading level site. Look for your country in the pull down menu below "choose a country study". This doesn't include information on Canada, France, The United Kingdom, and some African countries. Scroll down to chapter two to find information on family, gender roles, and religion.

World Travel Guide -
Find out about entertainment, communication, the economy, sightseeing and more.

Lonely Planet -
Click on the "worldguide" link. Select a region and then the country in that region. Click on the side link for "culture" and you will find some limited information.

Global Gourmet -
Check out these cuisines from around the world.

CultureScape -
Very limited information on countries around the world with recipes.

Zeroland: The arts on the web -
Use this central directory to determine which art you would like information on: architecture, dance, music, theatre, etc.

The Great Building Collection -
Use the "quick search" feature to find architecture by country.

Cultures on the Edge -
Learn about the Aymara culture of the Andes (Bolivia, Peru, and Chile).

Santiera -
Information on this Caribbean and South American religion.

Vodun -
Information on this Haitian religion.

Intoduction to Voodoo -
Extensive history on this religion.

Rastafari Relgion-
Information on this Jamaican religion.

Rastafari -
 An extensive history on this religion.