Surrealist Artists

Because of Surrealism's popularity, almost all famous painters during the late 1920s and 1930s produced surrealist works. Here is a selected list of important visual artists associated with the style:


Surrealism -
Very brief definition.

Surrealism -
A brief definiton with link to examples of work.

Giorgio De Chirico -
A brief biography with picture. Explains what influenced his style.

Giorgio De Chirico -
Provides a picture of the artist, explains who influenced him, and gives titles of some of his work with dates.

Pierre Roy - Whitford Fine Art -
A brief biography with a picture and description of his style.

Jean Arp-
Provides a brief biography

Jean Arp -
Provides very brief biography with information on the materials he used.

Marcel Duchamp-
Provides a biography with a picture of the artist.

Marcel Duchamp-
Provides titles of his work with dates.

Marc Chagall - Hey Kids Meet Marc Chagall -
Brief biography with picture of the artist.

Marc Chagall- The Wordwide Art Gallery -
This biography includes titles of his works with dates. Provides information on his influences and materials.

Paul Nash -
A brief biography is provided on this page.

Paul Nash -
A brief biography can be found on this page.

Max Ernst -
Brief biography with picture is found on this site. 

Max Ernst -
This provides a picture of the artist and includes titles of his work with dates.

Joan Miro -
This page provides a biography with a picture. This site provides examples of his work that are dated.

Joan Miro -
This page provides a biography that gives titles of his work with some dates.

Maurits Escher -
An extensive biography of Escher with a picture. Provides links to examples of his work.

Mauits Escher -
A descriptioin of his style is available on this page.

Rene Magritte-
Provides a nice description of his style and includes a photograph of the artist.

Rene Magritte - Bio -
Includes a photo of the artist and identifies his influences as well as his work with dates.

Yves Tanguy -
Provides a brief biography with titles of his work that are dated.

Yves Tanguy -
This page offers a brief biography that identifies one of his inspirations.

Frida Kahlo -
This biography describes her life and gives some details about her work.  There is also a photograph of her.

Frida Kahlo -
Describes the impact of her illness on her work and provides a picture.

Salvador Dali -
This site describes his work and the materials he used. A photo is also provided.

Salvador Dali -
This biography provides info on what influenced him as well as the titles and dates of some of his work.

Francis Bacon-
A brief biography is provided that explains the themes in Bacon's work. A photograph is also provided.

Francis Bacon -
Provides a description of his style an list of his work with dates.

Lenora Carrington -
A biography describing her life and influenced is provided on the first page.  Follow the link at the bottom for the "Artist's Gallery" to see her work which is dated and the materials used described.

Lenora Carrington-
A biography about Lenora if you click on the link "Go to Index" you will find another link called "Museum" which will take you to her work that is arranged by the year she did it.