Volcanoes Cascades Volcano Observatory - http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov
Information is provided on volcanoes around the world.

Volcano World - http://volcano.oregonstate.edu/
A wonderful site you can search by region, volcano name, and country. Many links include "Ask a Volcanologist" and "Mt. St. Helens".

Volcanoes - http://www.fema.gov/kids/volcano.htm
Informaton on basic volcanofacts, Mt. Saint Helens, and more.

Quiz Your Noodle - Volcanoes - http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/Games/PuzzlesQuizzes/Quizyournoodle-volcanoes
Find out what you know about volcanoes.

Geology for Kids - http://www.kidsgeo.com/geology-for-kids/0054-volcanoes-landforms.php
Many links to information on volcanoes including: hot spots, lava flows, plate tectonics and more.