Fifth Grade Students - Weather Terms

A Glossary of Weather Terms -

USA Today Weather Terms -

Climate and Weather Terms Glossary -

Weather Gone Wild - 

Hurricane Katrina Links

Katrina Links -
The following is a great resource for Hurricane Katrina links (lesson plans & teaching resources, news outlets, relief efforts, background info, ways kids can help).

The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse -
This site has collected resources and tools to help students and teachers develop a service-learning or community service project to assist with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort; a great resource for interested schools. There are lessons on hurricanes, fundraising, culture of the areas affected, and stories of what students across the country are doing to help. You can also submit your own ideas and stories.

Weather Information for All Students

Explores! and FSU Meteorology 2002 Atlantic Basic Tropical Season-
At this site you can track hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Hurricane -
Find out about hurricanes and their survivors, there is also a link featuring directions for making weather instruments.

National Hurricane Center-
Check out the link on "Hurricane Awareness" to find out safety tips. There is also satellite photos and "frequently asked questions" about hurricanes.

Project Atmosphere Australia Online -
Instructions are provided for making some simple weather instruments like a weather vane and wind sock.

Spring Science -
It's the universal time of renewal--the vernal equinox, or spring. Learn how cultures the world over have celebrated important spring rites, how history has marked spring, how we continue meaningful traditions today, and how science and the revolution of our Earth can explain the change of seasons.

UM Weather-
Many links are featured at this site and include access to weather sites across the USA, as well as, weather maps, radar and satellite, and tropical and ski weather.

USA Today Weather -
Check out the link for "weather basics" to find many links on winds, storm fronts, clouds, floods and droughts, lightening, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and much more.

Weather.Com -
Click on the "My Weather" link at the top of the page to locate a page where if you enter your zip code you can find out current weather conditions. Also included are top weather stories.

Weather Tools -
Weather tools you can make include: a barometer, rain gauge, and others.

Weather: What Forces Affect Our Weather? -
This page features links to information on the atmosphere, water cycle, ice and snow, forecasting, and the changing climate.