Wood River

GORP - Destination Wood River - http://gorp.away.com/gorp/publishers/countryman/pad_grea1.htm
Check out this site for maps on Wood River.

The Nature Conservancy - Headwaters of the Wood River http://www.nature.org/wherewework/northamerica/states/rhodeisland/preserves/art4093.html
This site has information on native wildlife.

Wood River Junction Rhode Island - Community Profile - http://www.hometownlocator.com/City/Wood-River-Junction-Rhode-Island.cfm
Check out Aerial photographs and maps for information on Wood River.

Wood River and Alton Pond- http://www.trails.com/tcatalog_trail.aspx?trailid=CGN017-059
Some limited information on wildlife and vegetation is available on this page as well as information on trails in Rhode Island.