Work and Machines


Francis Picabia -
Check out the links on this page to find examples of this artist's work and biographical information.

Olga's Gallery - Francis Picabia -
This page has a biography and examples of his work.

Fernand Leger -
This site offers links to biographical information and examples of the artist's work.

Fernand Leger -
On this site you will find a brief biography with links to examples of his work.

Perpetual Motion Machines

The Museum of Unworkable Devices -
Examples and a definition of perpetual motion can be found at this site.

Wikipedia - Perpetual Motion -
On this website you will find a definition and examples of perpetual motion machines.

Perpetual Futility -
A history of perpetual motion and examples of people's attempts to create a perpetual motion machine.

Eric's History of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines -
Links to information on the many attempts to create a perpetual motion or free energy machine are available on this page.


Archimedes -
Timeline and other information about Archimedes and his work. Archimedes -
This page offers a biography of Archimedes.

Archimedes -
On this site you will find a detailed biography of Archimedes and his contributions.

Alexander Calder -
A very brief biography of Alexander Calder.

Alexander Calder -
A biography on Calder and his contributions.

The Amazing Rube Goldberg -
A brief biography of Rube Goldberg with a link to examples of his cartoons is available on this page.

Wikipedia - Rube Goldberg - Higher Reading Level -
A biography of Rube Goldberg with links to information about his cartoons.

Rude Goldberg - Higher Reading Level-
This site provides his biography and explains his impact on our world.

All Biographies - James Prescott Joule-
This page offers a biography of James Prescott Joule.

Super Scientists - James Joule -
A very brief biography with links below it that lead to a lot of information on this man and his work.

Wikipedia-James Prescott Joule - Higher Reading Level -
An article on James Prescott Joule's life and work is available on this page.

Water Wheels

History of Water Machines -
This is a good place to find information on the history of the overshot waterwheel.

Wikipedia- Water Wheel - Higher Reading Level -
An extensive article on water wheels and their uses.

Water wheels -
This site has information on undershot and overshot water wheels.

Lester Allan Pelton - Hydroelectricity -
A detailed description of the Pelton water wheel and its inventor.

Pelton Turbine -
A brief description of the Pelton turbine otherwise know as the Pelton water wheel.

The Francis Turbine -
A description of the turbine is available on this page.

Wikipedia - The Francis Turbine -
Good illustrations and facts on the turbine's history and how it works.

Water History -
A very nice pdf document on water wheels.

Waterwheels and Mills -
A brief history of waterwheels describing different types of waterwheels and how they worked.